Perfect Planing and Implementation

Whether product presentation or summit meeting, events are one of the most effective instruments for direct communication with the target audience. Professional planning and execution is the decisive requirement for an all-round successful event. To this end, with SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services, qualified experts provide support for you. Originally, we come from the music industry – the hardest business our sector has to offer. This has made us strong.

Here at SoundFarm & M-Cloud, our specialist planning and engineering office, specialising in events of all types: from trade fairs and exhibitions to congresses, conferences and concerts, sporting and special events – over 3,000 events in almost 20 years. Our customers include organisers, events agencies, industrial companies, societies and public authorities.

Play it Safe!

Security is a big priority for us, in every respect: in technology, processes, timing, logistics – and these are the most important conditions to keep everything in line, even with the budget. Consequently, as the customer, you can enjoy the feeling of security that we have everything optimally in hand for you. You can depend on it!

 One Crew that Even Performs Miracle

Our well-practised team consists of specialists from the widest range of fields: construction, electrical, lighting and sound engineers as well as media designers, CAD technicians and architects. They work effectively hand-in-hand and know the events business inside out – even the pitfalls and challenges that can always occur. If the apparently impossible needs to be achieved, it only increases their ambition. It is well known that there is no such word as “can’t” and this is certainly true for us.

Only Book What You Need!

The SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services business model is based on 2 pillars. On the one hand, you can commission us as a general contractor. We will then supply the complete event – ready to use and for a fixed price.

Alternatively, you can book us purely as a specialist planning team. You then use only the individual services that you actually need.
  One thing is alway the same though: the commitment and passion with which we carry out your assignment.