The Farm and the Cloud
It’s Not Only Rock ‘n Roll – But We Like It! First came rock ‘n roll. We grew up with the music business and that is where we have made a good name for ourselves. This exciting business with artists, bands, concerts and tours is still both an important mainstay for us and our great passion. To really understand what we do and why we exist, all you have to do is think about the last time you were at a concert, a musical, a convention or trade show, or part of any live audience. 

SoundFarm & M-Cloud often is the invisible glue that holds shared entertainment experiences together. Before the band, the talent, the actual event that happens on stage can begin, there has to be a stage, scenery, lighting, audio, decoration and it all has to work just right. That's what we do. Everything around the show ― whatever the show might be. We take our role in the life of live experiences seriously. Our mission is to provide a highly creative, exciting and technically flawless event. Specialist show services With 20 years experience.

SoundFarm & M-Cloud offers clients a turn key service from concept and construction through to management and successful live production. Maintaining quality control over your event is the key goal, so our in-house departments provide the following services: Event design, production and technical direction. Audiovisual. The very latest equipment matched with precision operation. Theatrical & moving lighting systems. Multimedia-screen content creation. AutoCAD room planning. We work in any venue you choose. And because every venue is different, every SoundFarm & M-Cloud event is a custom production that matches your vision. Step through our website and discover how we can transform your next event into an outstanding success. Where reputations count there's no substitute for experience!