The Basis of Our Success

At SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services, everything naturally revolves around technology. Nonetheless for us, it is people who come at the centre. Without our committed and motivated staff, even the best technology would be of little use. It is they who make your event happen, who make the equipment sound and light up. Only the people behind the technology produce occasions and experiences that move, inspire and delight our customers and their guests. This cannot be achieved by technology alone but rather only by its creative, competent and professional use. Behind all this is a well-practised team, which gives its all time and again, for the job that has to be made into a very special event.

Passion for What is Special

You have to be a little crazy to work in this industry – as crazy as the founding generation of the SoundFarm that entered unknown territory over 20 years ago and pioneered an environment that was previously nonexistent. Many of them are still with us now, respected by customers and colleagues for their vast experience. Today, we are still looking for such employees: people with passion for the exceptional, who want to avoid routine and the daily grind. This is not business as usual but rather a series of special challenges for special people who are looking for a working life with a difference.


There’s no biz like showbiz

There are many illusions surrounding 

careers in the events industry: a chic ambience, first name terms with the stars, a glass of bubbly in the hand. Lovely as it may be, this is not our world. We work hard behind the scenes. We ensure that everything runs smoothly – mostly great high pressure. Here, you need to be able to keep your feet on the ground, to possess technical know-how, customer focus, a service mentality, organisation skills, and a talent for improvisation. If you have that then you have come to the right place, if you are looking for glamour then probably not.

Our Knowledge Makes Us Strong

Technology has developed rapidly in the last 30 years and it will continue to do so. For our team, this means that what they once learnt does not last for long. They must be willing to continue to study and update your knowledge. To this end, we provide intensive support for our employees – every year.

The Industry has Long Since Come of Age

When we started in the late 80's, the founders and staff were enthusiastic and self-taught. There were few appropriate training routes. Things are different today – and that is a good thing! Many areas of activity in the events business have long been recognised trades. As such, the new talent that is so important is systematically introduced to its future tasks. We also campaign for this. As a result, we have become the largest training business in our chamber of commerce district – and we are happy to be so, as we know that well-qualified staff are our most important asset.